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Said "I love you" and meant it: Nope.

- Gone out in public in your pajamas: Yes, a lot.. lol

- Kept a secret from everyone: Yes.. most definitely

- Cried during a movie: hmm.. Nope.. I don't get that emotional.

- Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Nope.

- Been on stage: Yeah, several times.. I love the stage.. lol

- Been to cali: �*nods* I live here.. lol

- Hawaii: Yes

- Wished you were the opposite sex: hmmm.. Sometimes..

- Had an imaginary friend: No

- Apples or bananas: well.. that depends.. if it's a red apple I'd rather have bananas.. but green or fujis are the best.

- Blue or red: red

- Walmart or target: Target - wal mart doesn't have good music.

- Spring or Fall: Fall- I LOVE the cold

- What are you gonna do after you finish this? Continue work on my dollmaker

- What was the last meal you ate: Corndogs.. lol..

-high school or college? I actually miss high school.. lmfao.. Haven't done any college.. yet..

- Are you bored: right now.. yes.. and most of the time.. lol

- Last noise you heard: the garage door banging

- Last smell you sniffed: cats.. lol..

- Last time you went out of state/province: about 2 months ago.. June..


- Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes, very much so.

- Do you want children one day & if so, how many? Yeah, 2 or 3 would do.. I don't want too many.. but not too few..

- Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Honesty/Trust.. definitely

- Criminal record: Is speeding criminal?

- Do you speak any other languages: A tiny bit of Spanish and tagalog..

- Last book you read: Coraline by

- Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom: My computer, my purses.. my clothes.. lol..

- Worst feeling in the world: Being alone.

- Who you love: Family, Friends� B

- Who you miss: �B� lol..

- Nickname(s): Sar� rhyming with stare..

- Initials: SAB

- How old do you look: hmm.. I'm guessing 18.. lol..

- How old do you act: it all depends.. sometimes older sometimes younger

- Glasses/Contacts: both


- I Love to... spend time with friends.

- I Miss... B..

- I Wish... I didn't have to work tommorrow.

- I Hope... that B gets liberty again this weekend.

- I'm Annoyed.. that Jill broke up with chad..

- I Am... Sam.

- I Want to be... someone else�


- Last movie you saw: Aliens Vs. Predators

- Last Phone Number You Called: Chad

- Last show you watched on TV: Phil of the future.. lmao..


- Thought you were going to die: No

- Wanted to Run away: Lots of times

- Flunked a grade: No

- Skipped a grade: Nope


- you have a crush on someone: NO where would you get that idea?! *dies*.. lol..

- you wish u could live somewhere else: All the time.

- you think about suicide: I have.. yes..

- you believe in online dating: Hey if it works for others, why not?

- you want more piercings: Yes

- you like cleaning: Definitely not.. lol..

- you like roller coasters:Yes!


- long distance relationships: hmm.. Don't really care.. lol..

- using someone: against

- suicide: depends on the situation.

- killing people : same as above.

- teenage smoking: Against

- driving drunk: Against

- gay/lesbian relationship: For.


- soap operas: None.

- food : hmm.. Anything with carbs.. lmfao..

- thing to do: Go to the theater with B.

- sports: I like playing soccer.. and watching very few sports.

- sports team: None.

- drinks: Water, Cherry Pepsi

- clothes: Capris, Jeans, Anything that's comfortable.

- holiday: Christmas.. lol.

- word: Indeed.. XD

- guy name: Hayden

- girl name: same.. lol..

- eye color: hmm.. Never really thought of it..

- piercing: None really..

- actor/actress : None.. really.. lol..


- funny: Yes.. lol.. I've been told so, so I have to believe it! Lol..

- friendly: to my friends.. lmfao..

- amusing: In my eyes I am.. lol..

- loveable: Most definitely

- optimistic: at times

- caring: Oh god, yes.. sometimes too much..

- dorky: A lot of times yes.

- Spell your first name backwards: Haras

- The story behind your name: Named after my great Grandmother

- Are you straight: Yes

- 4 words that sum you up: Kind, Caring, Funny, Shy


- In my mouth: Corn Dogs..

- In my head: whatever is in everyone's head.. lol..

- Wishing: I didn't have to go to work tommorrow.

- After this: Gaia, foo!

- Talking to: Abbeh!

- Eating: Nada

- If you could get away with it and murder anyone,
who and for what reason: Wilma� because she's so� ignorant? No.. mean.. rude.. arrogant.. just� she pisses me off! Lol..

- Person you wish you could see right now: B

- Something you're looking forward to in this up
coming month: B getting back.. lol..

- Something that you are afraid of: Spiders..

- Do you like candles: yep

- Do you believe in love: *nod* yes

- Do you believe in soul mates: Yes

- Do you believe in love at first sight: uh, this test is way too repetitive <- yeah I agree. <~~ I second that <-- me three � Me four!

- Do you believe in forgiveness: Yes.

- Do you believe in God: yes

- If you could have any animal for a pet: a kitten or puppy.. lol..

- What is the latest you've ever stayed up: probably 24-30 hours

- Ever been to Belgium: No

- Can you eat with chopsticks : yes.. lol..

- What are some of your favorite pig out foods: Pizza, Pastas.. Chips.. lol.. Cookies..

- What's something that you wish people would
understand: That people are people and you shouldn't judge them the second you see them, but take a chance and get to know them before doing so.

- What's something you wish you could understand
better: PHP

- Something you want to make happen tomorrow: I have to clean my room.. lol


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