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Just a simple girl...

18 May
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User Number: 487135
Date Created:2002-03-05
Number of Posts: 331

Sarah is a quiet, caring, intelligent 25 year old. She likes to be in small groups and takes control over most situations. Creative, and passionate, she often says her mind before thinking of the consequences.
Strengths: Intelligent, Friendly, Extremely Passive.
Weaknesses: Extremely Passive, Doesn't usually show true feelings.
Special Skills: Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Writer.
Weapons: Big 'ole booty, Intelligent Wit.
Favorites: Lis, Manda, Heather, Sarah, Crystal, Joel, Anie, Summer, Adrea, Merly, Daria, Tee.

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name: Sarah
sex: but... I hardly even know you!
age: 25
birfday: May 18, 1986
zodiac: Taurus
chinese sign: Tiger
hair colour: Mousey Brown with copper-ish highlights
eye colour: Brown or Green
location: Cali, foo!
fave book: The Lovely Bones
fave movie: LOTR, Chicago, Holes
fave TV show: Gilmore Girls, Spongebob, The Fairly Odd Parents, Ren and Stimpy, Invader Zim
fave band/singer: Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessionals, Ataris, Smile Empty Soul, Less than Jake, and much more
acting, adam sandler, afi, art, atreyu, beach, billy madison, black nailpolish, blink 182, blonde, bob the stickman, brand new, bright eyes, candles, cartoon dolls, cartoon dollz, cds, chatting, chocolate!, chris carrabba, clothes, college, computers, creating, dashboard confessional, dashboard confessionals, design, dolls, dollz, doodling, drawing, driving, dvds, ed edd n eddy, eminem, emo, evanescence, exploring, eyeshadow, fairly odd parents, family guy, fashion, film, flirting, fonts, fraggle rock, friends, games, geek boys, graphic art, graphic design, hair, happy gilmore, hello kitty, high heels, icons, illegal music downloads, illustration, incubus, invader zim, jazz, jimmy eat world, journal design, joy, jrr tolkien, kazaa, layouts, leonardo da vinci, less than jake, linkin park, linkinpark, livejournal icons, lj icons, lj maps, ljicons, ljmaps, local bands, local music, lord of the rings, lotr, lotricons, making icons, marilyn manson, middle-earth, milo ventimiglia, minty things, moulin rouge, mountains, movies, mp3, mp3s, muse, music, nails, nny, pedro the lion, pepsi, pez, piercings, pink, pixel dolls, pixy stix, pizza, pretty in pink, purses, rainbow brite, reading, realm of the forbidden, realmers, realmers.net, red, ren and stimpy, sharpies, ska, slinkies, smile empty soul, snow, spongebob, starry nights, stewie, style, summer breezes, sunday drives, sunsets, teenage mutant ninja turtles, television, the ataris, the gothic era, the postal service, the realm, the renaissance, the sims, the web, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, tv, twisted cartoons, twisted childrens cartoons, videos, wal-mart, water color painting, web design, web-design, webdesign, websites, weekends, will and grace, winter, writing